'Lead to Cash' solution

Pre-packaged ‘Lead to Cash’ solution, built on the Salesforce platform for your Sales, Product & Pricing and Customer Services teams.

JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA
JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA

‘Lead to Cash’ features

  • True business transformation delivered (not a system replacement!)
  • Our solution is aligned to leading industry standards, leveraging Salesforce's standard objects and utilising ready-made business processes.
  • Fixed price consultancy
  • Up to 70% less cost than traditional implementation programmes
  • Go-live within four months
  • ROI from month 5
'Lead-to-Cash' Pack

What is included

High-level solution architecture

Common requirements documented as user stories

Related business process maps

Solution design for complex configurations

Additional gap analysis + build for niche requirements

Comprehensive training

Six week hyper care warranty/support

JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA

We understand your challenges

Limited Growth Potential

Restricts growth adaptability & competitiveness, limiting expansion potential.

Inefficient & Overworked Teams

Lowers productivity & morale, adversely impacting work quality & business success.

Absence of 360° customer view

Diminishes insights and opportunities, weakening loyalty and personalised experiences.

Revenue Leakage

Erodes financial health, diminishing profits & growth potential.

Poor Reporting & Forecasting

Impairs strategic planning & agility, increasing risk & opportunity loss.

Decentralised & Duplicated Data

Create inefficiencies, errors in decision-making and hinders collaboration.
Standing Out with Unmatched Innovation

JustKlouds Implementation Differentiators

Free Trial
Generic/Proof of Concept Demo
Full End-to-End Demo of Pre-built Solution
Pricing Model
Time & Material
Fixed Price
Transformation outcome
System Replacement
True Business Transformation
Typical programme cost
Leveraging our pre-configured solution, we have significantly reduced implementation times, enabling approximately 70% lower costs than traditional implementations.
By tapping into the efficiency of our tailored pre-configured solution, we ensure a swift deployment for an enriched 'Lead to Cash' process, achieving a GTM timeline that outpaces traditional models by up to 70%.
Project duration
Visibility of end solution
Towards end of implementation
Day 1
Data migration
Very complex as schema keeps changing during implementation
Easier as end state of schema is available from Day 1
Very complex as schema and requirements keep changing during implementation
Easier as end state of schema is available from Day 1




JustKlouds consists of a remarkable team of experts, each bringing invaluable skills and insights to our projects. Our team includes seasoned technical consultants and business experts with extensive knowledge of industry processes and best practices, specialising in Salesforce Sales, Service and CPQ clouds. With many years of configuration experience, their skills have been instrumental in developing our pre-configured solution and applying their expertise to ensure successful implementations. This diverse expertise allows us to deliver a comprehensive solution that drives success and innovation for our clients.

Kirk Heuser JustKlouds Salesforce Partner in London
Kirk Heuser
Commercial Director & Co-Founder
JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA
Jai Thiagaraj JustKlouds Salesforce Partner in London
Jai Thiagaraj
Delivery Director & Co-Founder
JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA
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JustKlouds Salesforce Partner EMEA

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